Open Energy Modelling Initiative

This topic introduces the Open Energy Modelling Initiative (openmod) and provides some pointers.

The openmod is a loose association of energy system modelers. Most are completing their higher education or classify as early‑stage researchers. A few are mid‑stage researchers and beyond and some work for the private sector or within government agencies. The openmod began in Berlin, Germany in September 2014. And, as of 2021, it has conservatively about 400 participants.

Reasons for mentioning the openmod community here include:

  • the open analysis advocated by that community is appropriate to U4RIA
  • the openmod collectively can offer a wealth of knowledge
  • some of the open models developed within the overall community are beginning to be deployed in Afghanistan Bolivia, China, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Africa generally, and globally

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Further resources

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