U4RIA publications

A list of publications describing U4RIA

Howells, Mark, Jairo Quiros-Tortos, Robbie Morrison, Holger Rogner, Taco Niet, Luca Petrarulo, Will Usher, William Blyth, Guido Godínez, Luis F Victor, Jam Angulo, Franziska Bock, Eunice Ramos, Francesco Gardumi, Ludwig Hülk, Patrick Van-Hove, Estathios Peteves, Felipe de Leon, Andrea Meza, Thomas Alfstad, Constantinos Taliotis, George Partasides, Nicolina Lindblad, Benjamin Stewart, and Ashish Shrestha. (10 March 2021). Energy system analytics and good governance — U4RIA goals of Energy Modelling for Policy Support — Preprint. doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-311311/v1.

  • above publication now under formal review with Joule

OPM and UK Aid (August 2019). Synthesis Report on the “Fourth Roundtable Discussion on Strategic Energy Planning” (Trieste, 28 June 2019). United Kingdom: Oxford Policy Management and UK Aid.

  • U4RIA discussed in section 4 (pages 7–8) titled “Working groups on modelling standards and capacity building”
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