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A forum for those interested in promoting the role of systems modeling for public policy support. The initial focus is energy systems but water and land use management are natural extensions.

U4RIA explained

In relation to energy modeling for policy support (EMoPS), U4RIA introduces guidelines to promote the following:

  • Ubuntu (community): requires identifying those to whom EMoPS should be accountable and to what degree. This will include: their role in the organizational workflow, determining the EMoPS output of relevance, and its translation and interface requirements in relation to EMoPS digital workflows.

  • Retrievability: functional retrievability is necessary. Noting that even published data are often neither easily findable nor accessible.

  • Reusability: we note that though elements of EMoPS might be reusable, common licensing constraints make this difficult.

  • Repeatability: though elements of EMoPS might be retrievable, lack of an explicit and user‑friendly digital workflow, make repeatability functionally difficult.

  • Reconstructability: extends ‘repeatability’ to include the instructions for how to rebuild the EMoPS elements, such as input data, model relations and resulting scenarios. This is done with appropriate ‘digital’ metadata, as well as appropriately documented digital and organizational workflows. Organizational workflows are required to reconstruct stakeholder input (noting that this may result in difference with different circumstance)

  • Interoperability: allows for scenario outputs to be (1) tested by other models or approaches and (2) their compatibility to sub‐sector or broader integration with other modeling for policy support. An example of sub‑sector integration includes technical operations required to integrate high levels of renewable energy technologies (RET) into a power system. An example of broader integration would include assessing potential tax revenue changes associated with (subsidized) electric vehicles (EVs) replacing (more heavily taxed) fossil‐fueled cars.

  • Auditability: is essential as EMoPS is part of the policy process it needs to be held accountable to good governance principles. Those include direct accountability to the internal or external funder of EMoPS, as well as to society more broadly.

Editing on this platform

This posting makes some comments about editing on this platform.


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  • some help on the CommonMark syntax
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Advanced topics

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